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We cater to those travelers who want to do more than look at monuments, but who really want to get to know new people, cultures and the country.

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The city of Huaraz was founded in the XVI century by Jerónimo de Aliaga. The city is located on the banks of Santa River, in the middle of the valley. For its location and for its infrastructure it is, in general, the starting point for all the tourist attractiveness of "Callejon de Huaylas"The constructions, architecture and line of Huaraz do not correspond to the common of the Andean cities of Peru, because the city was almost totally reconstructed after a very strong earthquake and alluvium in 1970.

Very close from the city of Huaraz, you will find the thermal spas of Monterrey and Chancos that are ideal because of the quality of their thermal hot waters that are mineral, good for excellent rest and relax; they are also ideal for their healing properties.

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